BEATMASTER Music Software

Beatmaker from Intua turns your iPhone into a music sequencer which enables you to create musical compositions in your hand

There are 16 drum pads in a 4 X 4 block for triggering the samples.

The final third of the screen is available to control the tempo & volume

You can mix & match kits and even import your own samples using Beatpack

Enabling you to create some unique collections of samples

There is a pattern editor for a high level of accuracy and a Velocity editor to give you that human feel to your drum patterns

The FX pad gives you access to the Equalizer, Bit Crusher & three-band EQ,

The final result can be exported to the wav format,enabling you to transfer to computer based music software.

If you want to make some music but do not have access to your laptop Beatmaker is perfect. The flexibility built into this application really make it stand out.

Well worth the asking price of $19.99 / £11.99. If you are all interesting in composing

SCORE  9/10


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